Personal Injury Spokane: Slip and Fall Accidents and Their Grim Realities

Personal Injury Spokane: Slip and Fall Accidents and Their Grim Realities

Each year there are over one million Americans who suffer a slip and fall injury, of these over 17,000 are fatal.  Statistics show that these injuries account for more than 15% of all job related injuries.  Second only to car accidents slip and fall incidents of the second leading cause of injury and death in the United States of America.  Both the CDC and OSHA quickly dispel that theory that all slip-and-fall injuries are falls and frivolous in nature and that only greedy individuals file claims for slip-and-fall injuries.  Most people believe that this is the easiest way to earn fast money.  When in reality personal injury lawyers Spokane and any other attorneys file these lawsuits because the victims are in fact seriously injured.  And because of the carelessness or neglectful behaviors of other people these victims are possibly disabled for the rest of their lives or sometimes even killed by their injuries.

Slip and fall accidents occur not at the fault of the victim and their clumsiness or lack of paying attention that majority of the time because another person has neglected maintaining an area or a building or doing their job and keeping the area safe for customers.  Because of this neglectful behavior this person’s life may have been changed forever.  This kind of injury can happen on personal or private property or in a public place such as a grocery store.  People being injured when in a slip-and-fall accident, is one of the most common sources of injury within the United States.  Thousands of people are injured every year because of neglectful property owners or just outright dangerous conditions caused by those property owners. Some examples of hazardous conditions that can produce a valid slip-and-fall claim are ice are snow on the sidewalks, poor lighting, defective flooring, improperly secured floor mats or hidden drop offs or holes.  These types of injuries are known as premises liability injuries.  The property owner has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for anybody who enters their property whether invited or not.  Most of the time, the exception to the rule is somebody who comes on property to do harm.  These owners can be held liable by personal injury lawyers Spokane for any injury incurred and the medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages that the injured person suffers.

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer Spokane can come in handy at this point as you must prove the neglect of the property owner and their knowledge of that neglect.  As well as any desire or intention of correcting whatever hazards caused the accident.  If the property owner was aware of the situation and had time to fix it but failed to do so then you have a personal injury claim.  If for instance there was a large storm that hit a place overnight and the next morning and injury occurred the owner would not been be held responsible as there was not sufficient time to correct the problem.  In order to win a judgment in this type of case your injury usually has to be substantial.  Although in order to file a claim it doesn’t have to be serious.  Seeking legal advice as to your chances of being successful in this type of lawsuit is advised.  You will have to prove the condition at the property in which you were injured was a direct cause to your injury and the fall that caused it.  Some things you will have to prove, as far as negligence on behalf of the property owner, are that the owner had knowledge of the dangerous situation, that there was an opportunity for the owner to correct that hazardous condition caused your fall or that he had an opportunity to place proper warning, or that they failed to correct the problem or put up the proper warning in due time after realizing that the danger was there.  There are situations called “open an obvious doctrine defense” where the property owner can get away with an escape responsibility for your injuries.  This defense basically said as that the danger or hazard was openly visible and that you are the victim or more than able to see it before the fall.  This can hold up in a court of law and work against you and your case.

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Personal Injury Spokane: Slip and Fall Accidents and Their Grim Realities

For the most part the law does not require for property owners to dispose of snow that has accumulated outside of a building as result of bad weather.  However, if there is an overabundance of snow or ice then the property owner can be held responsible for allowing it to get out of hand.  Same goes for if the owner has hired a company to remove snow not staying on top of the situation can make them liable as well for your injuries.  In these cases you will also have to show the negligence on behalf of the owner.  Whether your case is based off of you having slipped and fell on icy walkway or in a store because of water on the floor, no matter what caused the accident or where you were these types of cases can be very difficult and complex that the only way to go is to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer Spokane.  Every case is different and there’s no surefire way to guarantee that a court of law will see the owner as responsible for your injury.  That is why having an attorney at your side is so important.  It is common knowledge and understanding that a customer coming into a store for any reason is an “invited” guest.  Therefore it is the responsibility of the owner of this business to regularly inspect for safety issues that might be present therefore eliminating any brisk of danger to the people who come in as customers.

Personal Injury Spokane: Slip and Fall Accidents and Their Grim Realities


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