Personal Injury Lawyer Spokane – Everything You Need To Know

Personal Injury Lawyer Spokane – Everything You Need To Know

What is Personal Injury Really?
Personal injury is defined as an injury to the body, the mind or the emotions as opposed to injury to property.  It is most commonly used when referring to a type of lawsuit where the claim is that the victim’s injury was caused by the negligence of another person.  Many types of injuries can fall under this category and the most common are traffic accidents, work accidents, assaults, and product defects.  Also included in this list of personal injuries can be medical malpractice and dental accidents.  If a personal injury lawyer Spokane can prove that the irresponsible behavior or negligence of another person or company directly caused the injury of the victim a maybe and responsible for paying monetary compensation to the injured party.  This is a very controversial and complex system within the United States and it is advised that the injured person should seek legal counsel to handle their case.  Many attorneys will take a case on what is called a contingency basis, where his fees come from the injured party’s eventual compensation payment, and this is payable when the case is resolved.  It would be unwise for anyone to try and take on their own personal injury case because of the complexities.

What Are The Statute of Limitations?
When dealing with a personal injury case you must remember that there are statutes of limitations.  These laws determine how much time can pass from the date of injury and tell a claim is filed.  Many states have laws on the statutes of limitations set between 1 to 3 years.  In some cases injuries do not automatically show symptoms and problems can arise from the injury sometime after the initial accident.  The statute of limitations sometimes is not only determined by the time frame since the accident but also can be determined by the type of claim that you are filing.  Oftentimes claim such as rape as an example, had much longer statutes of limitations than other injuries.  When you seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer Spokane they can advise you of what the laws are governing your personal injury case.  Some of these statutes of limitations had exceptions that can give you longer periods of time to file a claim or some of them the time frames do not begin at the exact date of injury but instead the time frame starts from the time that the injured party knew that here she had a claim.

What Are The Different Fee Structures?
Some attorneys will not charge you a fee for their services if they do not win your case.  No win no fee is the term used that describes this CFA or Conditional Fee Agreement between attorney and client.  These attorneys do except these cases with full understanding that if the client loses its case they will incur no legal costs and will owe the lawyer nothing.  If however, the case is won the lawyer will been be entitled to the standard fees that they would normally charge as well as what is called a success fee.  This success fee is usually no greater than 100% of the standard fees that attorney would normally charge.  When you first begin seeking advice from a personal injury lawyer Spokane you can discuss if this is the method that will be used to determine payments or if they expect fees up front before they begin the case.  It is becoming more common practice for the no win no fee approach to be taken.  In some instances this can be a huge relief for the victim iWAolved in the case as many times personal injuries can cause many financial struggles for the person suffering.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Spokane – Everything You Need To Know

Every case will have a different amount of compensation and this will usually depend on and be based off of how severe their injuries are.  Injuries such as broken bones, severed limbs or brain damage will usually receive the highest amounts of monetary compensation because of the intense physical pain and most often long-term suffering that the injured person will have to withstand.  If this injury has had a negative effect on this person’s life they can be compensated above and beyond what is awarded for the injury itself.  This is termed as pain, suffering and loss of amenity.  Another form of compensation that the injured party can receive is if there has been any loss of time at work for reasons directly related to the accident. This is referred to as loss of congenial employment.  The personal injury lawyer Spokane that you hire to take over your case can let you know if you qualify for any of these extra compensations.

When your case is been one and your compensation has been determined your personal injury lawyer can help to set up a structured settlement.  These types of settlements are there for the injured victim to be protected financially after settlement has been determined.  A structured settlement provides tax benefits and allows the victim to plan properly for their future financial needs.  If the victim is unable to go back to work because of the injury this type of settlement will make it easier for them to survive without the ability to bring in an income.  All of these things that the personal injury lawyer you have hired has done for you, he or she has done so that your future is more secure in the accident that you endured does not ruin your life.

Personal Injury Lawyer Spokane – Everything You Need To Know


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