How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Maximize Your Settlement

How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Maximize Your Settlement

What’s the Most Important Thing?
One of the most important things that should happen or that needs to happen when you hire a Spokane personal injury lawyer is that you identify all injuries that were received in the accident and make sure that medical treatment has been sought and these injuries have been diagnosed properly as well as treated to the fullest extent. If you want to get the greatest compensation and value from your case you need to be diligent in your medical treatment and be sure that you are fully recovered and that there will not be future instances of problems stemming from these injuries. Only your doctor can decide at what point you are finished with treatment and that your injuries are healed. Don’t try to rush things in order to get a settlement quickly because in the end doing this you can lose a great deal if problems arise later on deuce the injuries. It is not your doctor’s job to be concerned to get the best possible settlement of your injury case. It is simply to make sure that his patient is healthy and well. With technology advancing as fast as it is, it can be difficult for doctors to always know the newest procedures and techniques and always be on top of all the newest developments that are in their field. It cannot expect an orthopedic surgeon to necessarily be aware of or know symptoms of TMJ. Using this as an example we can say that if TMJ was caused directly for injuries received during a car accident, not every type of doctor is going to recognize the symptoms because it is not their field of expertise. Sometimes these ailments can quickly be treated by simple chiropractic adjustments. However this is not the case for everybody. Some people will need to go on and see a dentist who specializes in this type of treatment.

What If My Head Hurts?
It is not uncommon for the victim of a car accident to receive head trauma. A close head injury occurs when the brain is injured but there are no skull fractures. Concussions are an example of this. Concussions are a violent shaking injury to the brain and can cause serious damage. These types of injuries don’t necessarily happen all only when somebody is hit violently on the head. If a car is moving at a high rate of speed and a car accident occurs and there was a rapid deceleration the brain can be forced to move back and forth inside the skull causing it to slam against the bone. This can creates a lot of damage and serious injury to the brain. There are many symptoms that doctors look for that when treating possible head injuries. Some of the things that the doctors will look for are headaches, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, irritability, loss of temper to easily anxiety, and difficulty with memory. If these symptoms persist for more than 18 months the patient should be sent to see an expert who can perform tests to assess how the accident has affected the mental abilities of the injured person. Usually the Dr. that will see a patient to do the tests is then neuropsychologist. Hiring aSpokane personal injury lawyer can make this process a little bit easier for you as they can direct you as to where you need to go. They can help you to find the proper avenues for diagnosing and treating the injuries that you have sustained in the car accident.

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How Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Maximize Your Settlement

What About My Pain?
Other ways of knowing if you are still suffering from undiagnosed injuries is by asking yourself am I still in pain and where is this pain coming from. If you’re still filling pain you need to let both your lawyer and doctors know that the symptoms are still persisting. They can make sure that you get referrals to the proper doctors for diagnosis and treatment. If you’re still having pain that radiates up and down your arms or legs this is a symptom of possible disk herniation. During a car accident the SA pad that separates the bones of your spine can have a rupture of the outer covering causing what is inside to push outward. This type of injury that can cause pressure on all tissue that is surrounding it and it can also affect the nerves that are along the spinal cord. Because of this you may feel pain in your fingers and toes and sometimes surgery is required in order to treat this condition. If you are experiencing these types of symptoms you may need to have an MRI or a CT scan done to determine if indeed there is a disk herniation. If it is found that this indeed is an injury that you have incurred the monetary value of your compensation in case will most likely greatly increase. As back injuries, oftentimes lead to lifelong pain and suffering. Your Spokane personal injury lawyer will be able to lead you in the right direction and make sure that you are seen by the proper medical providers. You will not be compensated for injury at you may suffer from if you do not have it properly treated and documented. It is important to make sure that everybody lawyers and doctors alike are aware of any symptoms or any pains that you may be suffering censure car accident so that they can ensure that you receive compensation to cover all that you have suffered or may continue to suffer into the future.

How Your Personal Injury Lawyers Can Maximize Your Settlement


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